Do you need information about the corona virus?

Please find updated information at the web site of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, You can also find information on the web site of the Norwegian government,, in English as well as in a number of other languages.

Do you suspect that you are infected?

If you have newly-arisen respiratory tract symptoms and feel ill, stay at home. If you only have light cold-like symptoms, you may live as normally. The same advice applies if you have a positive COVID-19-test. You should stay at home from work / school / kindergarten until you no longer feel ill. Mild residual symptoms such as runny nose, mucus, hoarseness and some coughing are fine. 

PCR-tests are only used when deemed necessary by a medical doctor. At the time of writing, 10. August 2022, you may enter any EU / EEA member state without a recent PCR test. However, rules may change, and rules in other countries may vary. Please check the relevant legislation and regulations for the country you are travelling to. If you are in need of a PCR test in connection with travel, you have to pay for it at your GP or at the municipal medical centre. You may also choose to get it at a private clinic or test centre.

Do you need information on the corona vaccine?

For general information on the Norwegian vaccination programme against the corona virus, please refer to the web site of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The corona vaccine is free, for Norwegian citizens as well as for foreign citizens residing in or staying in Norway. You may order a vaccine through a digital form (in Norwegian only). If you have any questions concerning vaccination, please contact the municipal vaccination hotline on +47 480 44 278 (Mondays and Wednesday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m).

You may be given a second dosis four weeks after having received the first, and a third dosis 20 weeks after having received the second. Vaccination is also available for children, for an overview, please refer to the Norwegian-language information page and to the web site of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.