Reporting problems

See operational messages (in Norwegian) to check for known problems and on-going work

  • If you seek to report acute problems involving a risk of material damage or personal injury and resulting from flood, landslides or similar events, please contact the municipality on phone number 56 55 34 00.
  • For reporting problems with plowing / sand scattering in winter time, call 56 55 34 00. Keep in mind that municipal roads are not normally plowed before there has been 10 cm of snowfall, and that you yourself have the responsibility to equip your vehicle properly for driving in winter conditions. 
  • To report problems concerning the water and sewage system, please call 56 55 34 00
  • If you are reporting damage on a public building, please contact FDV-Bygg on 56 55 34 90.
  • If you seek to report a problem concerning waste collection, please contact BIR. For contact information, refer to their web site.
  • To report problems with streetlighting, please contact Kvam kraftverk.