The mayor

The current mayor of the municipality of Kvam is Torgeir Næss, who represents the Labour Party (Arbeidarpartiet). Frode Nygård from the Progress Party (Framstegspartiet) serves as vice-mayor.

Klikk for stort bileteThe mayor (or ordfører) – is elected by the municipal council from amongst its' members. He is the highest-ranking elected public official, and responsible for representative tasks, as well as for organizing and leading the political deliberations in the municipal council (kommunestyret) and the municipal executive board (formannsskapet). 

You can reach the mayor on phone (office: 56 55 30 11), as well as by e-mail. Please note that the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act (offentlighetsloven) means that letters, emails and other messages sent to the mayor may be made publicly available.