The chief municipal executive

Anita Hesthamar has been the chief municipal executive, or rådmann (from 2020: kommunedirektør), of Kvam since March 2018. She is the chief administrative manager of the municipal administration, with exceptions following from law, and within the framework set by the municipal council.

Anita Hesthamar - Klikk for stort bileteAnita Hesthamar, chief municipal executiveThe chief municipal executive is responsible for the proper preparation of cases decided by elective bodies, and for carrying out the decisions made. She is also responsible for ensuring that the municipal administration is run in accordance with laws, regulations, national requirements and rules for internal control. 

The chief municipal executive has the right to take part in and speak in all elective bodies, either personally or through one of her subordinates, with the exception of in the Control Committee. The municipal council has also delegated powers to the chief municipal executive, in accordance with the current delegation regulations of the municipality. 

The chief municipal executive may be contacted by phone 56 55 30 35, or by e-mail: Please note that the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act (offentlighetsloven) means that letters, emails and other messages sent to the chief municipal executive may be made publicly available.