In winter time in Kvam, there are good possibilities for cross-country and alpine skiing. Below, you will find an overview of trails and pistes.

Nordlys på skitur på Torefjell - Klikk for stort bileteOff-piste skiing with the Northern Lights in Torefjell. Photo: Anita Berg.

Sjusete skisenter

Sjusete skisenter is situated about 4 km from Norheimsund and 3 km from Øystese. It features a 5km floodlit trail, as well as two other prepared trails (Kjosåsløypa and Alkleivløypa). Paid parking.


In winter season, Kvamskogen sports about 60 km of prepared trails, the most popular of which goes from Furedalen to Mødalen. Parking conditions in Kvamskogen are good, with paid parking lots available. You are also encouraged to contribute economically to the preparation of trails, which is carried out in cooperation between local property owners, local businesses, the municipality of Kvam, Bergen og omland friluftsråd and others.

A map showing summer trails and prepared trails are posted on information boards at various park sites. The map can also be downloaded in a digital format, through the use of the Avenza Maps app.

Åse in Omastrand

At Åse in Omastrand, about 2 km from the centre of Osa, there is a floodlit trail of 1,7 km, which is also connected to Grønningsløypa, making up about 10 km of prepared tracks in total. You can park at Åse, or access Grønningsløypa via Grønningsvegen.

Aktiven skisenter

Aktiven skisenter is a family-friendly alpine skiing centre with several pistes, situated near provincial road Fv7 and Langvotnevatnet at Kvamskogen. For more information, refer to

Furedalen skisenter

Furedalen skisenter is a family-oriented alpine skiing centre, featuring 2 large ski lifts and 1 ski lift for children, situated in Furedalen in Kvamskogen. For more information, refer to

Eikedalen skisenter

Eikedalen skisenter is situated just across the border to neighboring Samnanger municipality, near provincial road Fv7. It features several ski lifts and a number of pistes, both easy and difficult ones. For more information, refer to their English-language web site.