Kindergartens (barnehager)

Kindergartens in Norway are for children aged 0 – 5 years. Children start school the year they turn six.

The first Norwegian Kindergarten Act in Norway entered into force in 1975. Today’s Kindergarten Act entered into force January 2006.

The Kindergarten Act states that the municipalities are the local authorities for kindergartens. The municipality is responsible for providing guidance, and for ensuring that kindergartens are operated in accordance with current rules and regulations. They are also obliged to ensure that a sufficient number of kindergarten places are available. 

According to the framework plan for the content and tasks of kindergartens, kindergartens should focus on seven learning areas: 

  • Communication, language and text
  • Body, movement and health
  • Art, culture and creativity
  • Nature, environment and technology
  • Ethics, religion and philosophy
  • Local community and society
  • Numbers, spaces and shapes

Kvam has six municipal and one private kindergarten: